Candace Owens criticized online for calling Fani Willis a “ghetto superstar” Catch the full story in the comments below

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She referenced her earlier statements about DEI policies being harmful as she believed that the policies prioritized looking good and filling quotas at the cost of suspending intelligence and hiring better-qualified people. She then said:

“I now feel certain that the biggest argument against DEI is Fani Willis”Fani Willis is the Fulton County DA who indicted former US President Donald Trump for his alleged Georgia election interference in 2020. Willis recently came under fire for allegedly being in an inappropriate financial and romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, an outside lawyer she had hired to help with the prosecution. This was seen as misconduct and a conflict of interest.

Candace Owens pointed out Nathan Wade’s sudden divorce and the sealing of the records from his divorce case. She also pointed out the 650,000 dollars plus that Wade billed Fulton County for his services and claimed that this was corruption. She mocked Willis and Wade’s relationship. Owens also mentioned Wade’s ex-wife, claiming the money was used for the duo’s romantic pursuits.